The Republican establishment is terrified of Mr. Trump, and for good reason. They know Mr. Trump will put an end to their globalist agenda of free trade and open borders. Mr. Trump will put America first, not international bankers. That's why the elites on Wall Street and in the media are using every dirty trick in the book to stop him. Mitt Romney, John McCain, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the Washington cartel are working with Hillary Clinton to preserve the status quo. And they're not alone. Many of our elected representatives have betrayed the public trust and are actively working to sabotage Mr. Trump.

As loyal Americans, we have a duty to hold these traitors accountable for what they've done. They are trying to destroy our democracy, and must face the wrath of the American people. We will refuse to support the men and women who have betrayed Mr. Trump. We will force them out of public office, and reclaim America's greatness under the leadership of President Trump.